Un nouvel album dédié cette fois  à la mandoline et aux instruments acoustiques utilisés dans la musique Bluegrass originaire des USA. Voici 10 morceaux originaux écrits par Jean-Luc Leroux et enregistrés tout au long de ces 20 dernières années au hasard de ses voyages et de ses rencontres…Il partage les tablatures de 4 morceaux pour les mandolinistes amateurs ...

     Pleased to finally announce an album dedicated solely to mandolin and acoustic instruments in Bluegrass music. Presenting 10 original tunes written by Jean-Luc Leroux created though out his travels in the USA and around the globe. Inside tab are 4 pieces amateur mandolin score sheets to pick along ...




    What does New Caledonian bluegrass sound like? How would you know?

    The small island nation in the south Pacific isn’t a particular hotbed of bluegrass activity, but the French-speaking residents are learning to love it, thanks to the efforts of Jean-Luc Leroux, a popular radio host and stage performer in the region. His Route 66 program airs every Saturday afternoon, where he airs a varied sampling of Americana sounds, with explanations and introductions for his listeners who may be uninitiated.
     Leroux plays mandolin and sings a mix of country and bluegrass standards, along with his original songs, in both English and French. His previous albums have usually blended those styles, but for his next record, it’s all mandolin, and all bluegrass.
Mandologie is set for a November 15 release, 10 new mandolin compositions with Jean-Luc out front. Recorded during his regular visits to the US and France, the project includes guest appearances by a bevy of international bluegrass stars. Rob Ickes adds his reso-guitar, Mike Bub his bass, and their are contributions from Butch Robins on banjo, and Buddy Spicher on fiddle. Another dozen or more pickers participate, including French banjoist Jean-Marie Redon, and his fellow countryman Thiery Massoubre on guitar.
     For a first single from the album, Jean-Luc has released one called Brewsky, which I suspect means the same thing in any language. He’s assisted by Redon on banjo, with Orville Grant on bass, Francois Vola on guitar, Aaron Till on fiddle, and Thierry Loyer on reso-guitar.



     Congrats on this great set of original music!  Great melodies and inspired playing all around,  I know folks will enjoy this new cd!


     En 1982 Jean-Luc Leroux participait en tant que mandoliniste à mon second album de banjo. Dans cet album figurait l’une de ses compositions « Flair Session Breakdown ». Plus de trente années se sont écoulées et Jean-Luc a depuis autoproduit de nombreux enregistrements de ses compositions : de nombreuses chansons et quelques instrumentaux qu’il a enregistrés avec certains des plus célèbres musiciens du genre. Il m’a demandé de participer à son nouveau « Brewsky ». Nous posons ainsi une nouvelle borne sur le chemin de notre longue collaboration. 


     Jean Luc Leroux has been a pioneer of and ambassador for bluegrass in the French speaking world for 40 years. Starting out in France and now continuing from his home in New Caledonia he writes and records   bluegrass music mostly in French that have a decidedly French aesthetic while at the same time managing to capture essential bluegrass feel and spirit. It has been my pleasure to meet him and have him as a friend and to have performed and recorded in numerous settings with him. I really enjoyed being a part of this new collection of songs and I believe you will too.  


     Je suis très fier d’avoir pu participer à ce joli album et d’avoir pu partager l’affiche avec autant de bons   musiciens. Bravo et merci Jean-Luc.                 ORVILLE GRANT


1 - Brewsky ( Jean-Luc Leroux) 2.49 . Contrebasse : Orville Grant, Guitare : François Vola , Banjo : Jean-Marie Redon , Violon : Aaron Till , Dobro : Thierry Loyer ,Mandoline: Jean-Luc Leroux , Drums : Pat McInerney.
2 - Vite (
Jean-Luc Leroux) . Contrebasse : Mike Bub,Mandoline : Jean-Luc Leroux , Banjo : Butch Robbins ;,Fiddle : Matt Hooper, Dobro : Rob Ickes , Drums : Larry Attamanuik.
3 - Sur Le Chemin (Jean-Luc Leroux) . Contrebasse : Mike Dunbar , Guitare : Bob Harris , Banjo : Kkelsey Crews , Fiddle : Aaron Till Dobro : Rob Ickes , Mandoline : jean-Luc Leroux , Drums : Pat McInerney.
4 - Croquette Danse (Jean-Luc Leroux) . Contrebasse : Mike Bub , Mandoline : Jean-Luc Leroux , Banjo : Richard Bailey, Fiddle : Jim VanCleeve , Dobro : Rob Ickes.
5 - Flair Session Breakdown ( Jean-Luc Leroux) . Contrebasse : Patrick Ségarel Guitare : Thiery Massoubre , Banjo : Jean-Marie Redon , Violon : Olivier Pont , Mandoline : Jean-Luc Leroux.
6 - In The Air (Jean-Luc Leroux) . Contrebasse : Mike Dunbar, Mandoline : Jean-Luc Leroux , Fiddle : Matt Hooper , Dobro : Lynn Russel.
7 - Ritournette (Jean-Luc Leroux) . Contrebasse : Cathy Faber , Mandoline : Jean-Luc Leroux , Banjo : Jeff Scroggins , Fiddle : Matt Hooper,Dobro : Josh Martin.
8 - Springtime Riff (Jean-Luc Leroux) . Contrebasse : Kurt Storey, Guitare : Chris Henry , Fiddle : Kurt Storey , Mandoline : Jean-Luc Leroux .
9 - Marinade (Jean-Luc Leroux) . Basse : Gérard Vandestoke , Mandoline : Jean-Luc Leroux , Banjo : Gerard Vandestoke , Dobro : Denis Blanchard.
10 - Vagabondage (Jean-Luc Leroux) . Contrebasse : Bob Moore ,Mandoline : Jean-Luc Leroux , Banjo : Jean-Marie Redon , Violon : Buddy Spicher,Dobro : Rob ickes